Summit 9 – Christian Alliance for Orphans

The Christian Alliance for Orphans is hosting a summit on May 2 and 3 to help promote the awareness of ways to help improve the lives of orphans.

This year, they are running a contest for bloggers.  I am writing this post as part of the Summit 9 Blogger Giveaway. Check out all the details at

We pursued the option of adoption after an injury made it unwise for my wife undergo a pregnancy.

We started out pursuing the idea of closed adoption, with no further access to the birth parents, with a couple of private adoption agencies in our area.

After a couple of years, friends at church suggested we should consider pursuing adoption through our local children’s aid (child welfare) agency.

As we walked through the process of becoming approved and waiting, we ended up going to Burkina Faso in Western Africa four times.  The last time, we stayed for nine weeks.  A month later, our first son came home to live with us at nine weeks old.

Almost four years later, our second son came to live with us straight from the hospital.  It took another year and a half for the adoption to become final.

God has expanded our family through adoption, and led us to a place where we are surrounded by many other adoptive families.

We are waiting to see where God leads our journey on a day by day basis.  Attending this summit would open our eyes to additional alternatives.





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