Going out for supper

As we are busy with kids, it is important to remember to spend time with each of them individually.

Since of our two has special needs, it is an extra challenge.  It is too easy to let the additional needs of the one sweep over the whole family dynamic.

Tonight we had an opportunity to do something a bit different.

I won a gift certificate for a new local restaurant a couple of months ago in a Facebook giveaway. We talked about going for supper there tonight, and decided to take our older one and leave the younger one with a sitter.

It was nice to go and have a relatively quiet meal.

As an aside, I would offer two pieces of advice – one for parents of special needs kids, and one for those around those parents.

For the parents, spend time alone with all your kids.  Don’t forget all your kids need your time

For those around them, offer to help create opportunities to make it happen.  Offer to spend some time with kids to free up time for the other ones.  And don’t forget the parents need to spend time with each other


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