Reid has been expanding his vocabulary quite a bit lately.

It still can take a couple of guesses before we can figure out what he is saying, but he is talking more and more.

His vocabulary is a mix of sign language, words and sounds.

As an example, I spent a bit of time patching the lawn over the past few days, and have been watering the grass seed and soil with a nozzle.  When he sees the hose, he goes “SSSSSSS”, for the spraying of water.

He points out squirrels and a cat that hang out in our back yard.  He talks about trees, motorbikes, and bicycles.  He will shake his head yes and no accurately when asked questions.

There was an interesting article in our local newspaper this week, “Family managing daughter’s unusual speech disorder”  It called the disorder “Childhood apraxia of speech”, and more information can be found at

This is the first I have heard of this disorder, but it certainly is worth doing some more research.


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