Things that matter

It is a common misconception that there overnight successes

The “overnight success” may have taken five to ten years of working evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays to become the apparent “overnight success”.

I spent a few hours this afternoon listening to Jon Acuff reading his audiobook “Quitter” talking about his “overnight” success.

He tells of his journey through advertising and working for several years in the IT department of a number of companies writing material and honing his skills as he eventually got his dream job as a writer as part of the Dave Ramsey group.  He started his wildly successful blog “Stuff Christians Like (, which now points to while working for another company in Atlanta.  He traveled to speak on weekends while he worked for another company.

Anyhow, Jon talked about how we all are busy and don’t necessarily have “enough” time for anything.  We have to stop shooting for perfection, because it is not achievable.  We should shoot for great.  Great and published or finished is better than perfect and stuck in your head.

He also talked about the importance of being great at your day job, and it will spill over into the rest of your life.

It was definitely good food for thought.

Make some time and get started.  I’m talking to myself as well.


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