Parenting special needs children

Being the parent of a child with special needs comes with some unique challenges.  We’re really only about two years into the journey, since we became aware Reid had some delays.

Most of the time, there are no serious problems.  I would say a big frustration is when he wants to run.  Stop means run.  Come here means run. No sometimes mean run.  When we’re at home, it’s not a big problem.  He can’t go far.  When we go out, he usually holds a hand, or gets put in a cart while shopping.  That may not be an option for a whole lot longer, because he is big for a three year old.

Something that is becoming more of a concern is no leading to temper tantrums.  He will throw himself on the floor, and scream and cry and flail about violently.  The concern is when he throws himself backward and bangs his head on the floor.  Fortunately, he moves on quickly.

These moments are a quick lesson in humility.

Ellen at writes about her son, Max.  In a recent post, she wrote about how they deal with things when Max melts down.



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