A quiet afternoon and thinking about things

It is too easy to get lost in where we wish things would be, and we should just be glad for how far things have come.

As we all know, life is busy.

As parents of a child with delays, we get stuck on how we wish things could be different.

But, they’re not.  And that’s how it is.

We have to be thankful for:

  • developing vocabulary
  • increasing attention span, allowing for more involved activities
  • generally good health
  • other developmental progressions
  • good supports available in the community that are free to us, or not overly expensive.

As we move through life, we don’t realize how important those things are to the enjoyment of life.

We are blessed to live in a relatively prosperous community, where there have been several individuals who have been generous and supported the development of many things.  The most significant for us is a centre for child development that provides services to the community at no cost to the user.  Funding is from a mix of source s – the provincial health care system, and private donors.

There are numerous opportunities to support worthy causes.  Always consider whether it is a worthy cause.  Most are trustworthy, but there are some that are looking to take advantage of people who trust them.



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