Ignorance about special needs and ignorant reactions

On August 19, 2013 the media around Toronto, ON was reporting that a family had received a very hateful letter telling them to move or euthanize a 13 year old boy, who happened to be autistic.  Here’s a link to one story.

The story went viral, and has receive coverage from all over.

I saw a post this morning on lovethatmax.com, Screw the special needs haters — Let’s teach people well.  Ellen, Max’s mom, described how they dealt with a situation where Max melted down.

It is tough to deal with reactions when a child reacts for whatever reason.  The first thing we rush to do is calm the child, and maintain our sanity.  If we can turn these things into teachable moments, it really is a bonus.  As time goes by, it will hopefully get easier to deal with these things.


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