I saw a post from Ellen at about those who comment about how great parents of special needs kids are.  Check out “I’m not a great parent just because  have a kid with special needs.”

Ellen writes about the assumption that people make that parents with special needs kids are great parents.

The help we give our kids is just parenting.  All children need to to be parented differently.

There are far too many instance of parents divorcing after a special need happens, often because the father has left.  It is unfortunate that so many in this day and age, often men, but not always, abandon ship with things get tough.

Parenting is a tough calling.  I have heard it said that God has placed children in our lives to help us grow up, as much as it is to help them grow up.  Children can bring out our selfishness and point out our pride at the most embarrassing times.

In these times when we blow it, we can set an important example for our kids when we admit we messed up and ask for forgiveness.  Not that I always do that.  Just do it more often than not.


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