Special treatment for kids with special needs?

In late September, Disney announced changes to their program for guests with challenges.

There were reports of people abusing the system that led to the change.

Others raged that there are programs that allow preferred access.  Some questioned why people with children with special needs would go to a place like Disney.

Ellen at lovethatmax.com wrote about the reasons in this post, Let’s talk about kids with special needs and special treatment.

There is some food for thought there.

There are all sorts of challenges.

Some kids are globally delayed, behind in everything.

Some have physical limitations, such as cerebral palsy (CP) or muscular dystrophy (MD).  Usually, people with these challenges are unaffected mentally.  They may have challenges expressing themselves, but they are still people.  Like all of us.

No two situations are alike.

As busy as life with kids can be, any sort of physical delay just multiplies the challenges.  Kids go through phases.  With delays, normal phases just take longer.  With communication delays, frustration increases for everyone.


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