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Your child doesn’t look like they have FASD ….

May 24, 2016

So far, we haven’t run into any major problems with people in the school system having an issue getting FASD and the accommodations needed that are spelled out in the IEP. Until recently. But that’s another story …..

Here’s a link to a post on by Mike Berry,  Your child doesn’t look like they have FASD. This post summarizes many things we have experienced, or will likely experience in the future.

The issue of invisible disabilities goes far beyond FASD, or the autism spectrum, or many other acronyms.



How can you tell if it the FASD or just normal kid stuff?

February 22, 2016

We’ve been having a few ongoing challenges with defiance and impulse control.

To be frankly honest, it is exhausting.

When an expectation is plainly outlined, and completely disregarded, it is not good.

It is one thing dealing with defiance in a younger child. As they get closer to adulthood, not following the rules results in much more serious consequences.

We have only been working with a formal diagnosis for about a year. Having a diagnosis opens the door, but it is still a daunting task figuring how to access the supports needed and available.

Community resources are an important support.

FASD Awareness Day – September 9

September 7, 2015

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, or FASD, is a complex, often invisible disability, caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

September 9 is a day set aside to increase awareness.

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