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Observations in Adoption Month

November 19, 2016

Adoption is a life changing experience, both for the adoptive parents and adopted child. 

Adoption is romanticized in the media. They don’t necessarily tell the whole story, along with the bumps and warts that are come along with real life. 

They don’t necessarily know about the challenges that can be part of the journey, especially when adopting from foster care.  

To be fully aware of the potential issues, talk to adoptive parents. 


Adoption in the media

January 31, 2016

Whether you love th or hate them, the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame doesn’t beat around the bush.

We saw sme ads for a new reality series outlining the journey of Jep and Jessica as they pursue adoption.

This series iis Jep and Jessica:Growing the Dynasty, on A & E. The link is :

We have seem three episodes so far.

They discuss a bit abut their journey to adoption, and how they integrate the new baby into their family. It also shows the extended family coming to meet the new baby.

I thunk it is well done, albeit a bit fluffy.

It presents adoption in a very positive light.

Adoption awareness is very important.  There are thousands of children waiting for a forever family. Very few are babies. All need families.

Adoption isn’t necessarily for everyone. It can be a tough road, especially when journeying down the spare dealing with challenges that happened in utero.

Everyone around adoptive families can help. Offering to help with an errand, or provide child care could be a huge blessing.  The need is even greater for families that have children with special needs.

Open Adoption Christmas Party

December 9, 2015

Reid and I attended the annual open adoption Christmas party with his birth mother and her fiance this past weekend.

It was the fifth time we have  attended this event.  We agreed to meet with her a couple of times a year when she consented to his adoption.

We have always been open with the fact that our kids are adopted.  It is a challenge to share what is appropriate, for both the age and developmental stage of the child.  Tate understands, and is comfortable with it.  He has asked some questions, but nothing too difficult. Reid hasn’t really reached that point where we can share much with him.

It is good to maintain contact with the family of origin.  I’m not sure if it will become awkward at some point.  Time will tell.

There are many families that attend year after year, and have a good relationship.  Hopefully that will be our journey as well.

Seven years

October 3, 2015

I got a notification that it has been seven years since I started this blog.

So much has happened, it is hard to describe briefly. It has taken more than 500 posts.

In the last year, our lives have shifted toward advocacy for our children.

More to come on that front.


November 17, 2014

Foster care can be a tough gig for everyone involved.

Children are removed from their families.  Some go back.  Some don’t and are placed for adoption.  Some adoption placements break down for various reasons.

It is serious to remove a children from families.  Everyone is affected.  Children end up feeling angry and resentful.  They wonder what they have done to deserve this.

November is adoption month.

World adoption day has passed, with no comment from me.

Not everyone is called to foster or adopt.  It is difficult yet rewarding work.

Everyone can be provide some sort of support.  Be a friend.  Offer a listening ear.  Offer to watch the kids for a couple of hours so the parents can go and do errands or just be together alone.

Summit 9 – Christian Alliance for Orphans

March 29, 2013

The Christian Alliance for Orphans is hosting a summit on May 2 and 3 to help promote the awareness of ways to help improve the lives of orphans.

This year, they are running a contest for bloggers.  I am writing this post as part of the Summit 9 Blogger Giveaway. Check out all the details at


Adoption links

March 19, 2013

Every now and again, I hear a series of programs that provide some insights into the challenges and rewards of being an adoptive parent.

There were a few episodes recently on FamilyLIfe Today that covered a few different topics.  I will post the links separately.


Waiting to Belong | Attend a free seminar

September 21, 2012

Waiting to Belong | Attend a free seminar.

I was just reading through some e-mail that has been piling up in the busyness of life.

Focus on the Family Canada is hosting a series of seminars across Canada this fall under their “Waiting to Belong” initiative.

Check it out!!

10 Reasons Why Adoption May Be Right for Your Family | All Pro Dad

September 21, 2012

10 Reasons Why Adoption May Be Right for Your Family | All Pro Dad.

Here are 10 reasons that adoption may be on option for your family.

Adoption is a calling for the long haul.

It can be challenging.  There have been stories in the media about disrupted, or failed adoptions.  These things are a huge risk.

There are approximately 143 million (yes, million) orphaned children, those that have lost one our both parents.

There are huge costs related to these orphaned children.

They most likely do not have a supportive family structure.  As they reach the age of responsibility in their culture, they are at risk of being involved in gangs or abducted by criminals for human trafficking.  Human trafficking can take on many forms – sex slavery, cheap labour, and so on.

These costs take time to express themselves.  The cost of court time, imprisonment, and even future generations of children at risk is not evident right now.

The time and resources to protect and integrate children and hopefully break the cycle of neglect and abuse is certainly worthwhile.

Not everyone can adopt.  Provide resources to help those who wish to adopt, and lack the funds.  Come alongside an adoptive family, and offer moral support.  Pray.  Advocate.  Be a mentor to a child in a disadvantaged situation.

Another adoption blog

March 3, 2012

Another adoption blog

A few months ago, another blogger, Instant Mama, read one of our posts, and ended up going back and reading our whole story.  In one day.  It was about 150 posts, so it would have taken a while.

Since then, I have been reading her posts about her experiences as a foster parent.

She also mentioned a new blog from the perspective of a parent who placed her child for adoption, and the open relationship between her and the adoptive family.

Tonight, I have been reading through a blog I just discovered, noted in the attached link.  The link points to a story in the middle of a trip to Bulgaria to meet the child they had been matched with.  In this post, Ginger talks about God placing the lonely in families.

What can we do to make that happen in our lives?  This doesn’t just apply to adoption, although it is a key area.

There are lonely people all around us.  How can we include them in our lives?  At least ease their loneliness?

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