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The arrival of spring

April 8, 2014

I was ready to write ma!post about how we were finally doing some spring activities last night.

And them there is snow on the ground this morning. It will likely be gone by lunch.

We took the boys out on their bikes over the last couple of nights.

Reid and Tate are both moving up to a bigger bike. Reid has taken over Tate’s old bike. Last year he used a device to keep his feet in place on the pedals. Over the winter, he had developed enough control that he didn’t need the device on his old home. We tried him on the new bike without the device, and he mastered it fairly quickly.

Tate is waiting for his new bike to be fixed up.

We also took J out. He hasn’t been on a bike before. We walked alongside him and helped keep him straight and balanced while he pedaled. By the end of our time last night, he was going on hiss own in the parking lot. It was kind of shaky, but he was getting it.

Before long, we will be riding the trails.


Pedalling a bike

August 1, 2013

Over the past few months, we have been trying a few different things to get Reid to be able to pedal.

We tried Tate’s first trike, but Reid was really big for it.  His feet kept bending the wrong way, rather than staying L shaped, or close to it, as they should.

A couple of months ago, we tried a couple of times on Tate’s first bike, and it went the same way.  It was more challenging with the bike, as the pedals don’t move unless they are pushed.  He just wasn’t at the place to get it.

We went to a physiotherapy appointment a couple of months ago, and the PT gave us some tips.  In the busyness of life, they were never tried.

Until tonight.  I raised the seat on his bike.  I tried a crude pulley suggestion like she suggested to help keep his feet moving.

Once we got out, the pulley system didn’t matter at all.

HE. GOT. IT.  Pedalling like he had been doing it for years.  After a few minutes, biking straight and on purpose.  Only a couple of spills.

We were so impressed!!!

Good Job Reid!!!

Camping wrap up

August 2, 2012

Tate returned home tonight after a week camping with his cousins.

For a recap, see Vacation, Vacation revisited, Family Differences, and Mohawk Update.

It was kind of quiet with Tate away.

We had asked them to give us a call when they got close to home.  All at once, we heard this banging on the door.  He was dropped off, with about five days of growth on the sides, and the middle as it was when we left him.

He talked about some of the things he did.  He has pretty much mastered riding his bike.  We are looking forward to seeing how well he has done.

It took about five minutes to clip it close to the same length.  He had a quick bath and went off to bed.

It is very unlikely we’ll see him at his usual 6:00.

Long Weekend

May 20, 2012

It’s been a nice weekend in our area.  That’s a nice change from the weather lately.  It’s been cooler than normal since a really nice week in March.

To take advantage of this weather, we went for a bike ride for about an hour with the boys.

Reid went our bike trailer, and Tate rode on a rail-a-bike or bike-mate behind my bike.  It is a good way to get out and go for a longer ride.

Maybe we’ll be able to get out again tomorrow, if the weather is decent.

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