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Summer is half over??

July 31, 2013

It’s hard to believe it will be August in a couple of hours.

July has whizzed by so quickly.

After a really hot week, it’s been cool and damp for the last couple of weeks.

We have been to a local water park a couple of times, but haven’t stayed for very long because it was too cold.

Last night, Tate and I decided to try sleeping outside in a tent.  A mini camping trip in our own back yard.

We stayed up until about 11:00, then went out.  It went pretty well.  We woke up a bit earlier than normal, but it went well.

He wants to do it again.  That would be a score!!


Camping wrap up

August 2, 2012

Tate returned home tonight after a week camping with his cousins.

For a recap, see Vacation, Vacation revisited, Family Differences, and Mohawk Update.

It was kind of quiet with Tate away.

We had asked them to give us a call when they got close to home.  All at once, we heard this banging on the door.  He was dropped off, with about five days of growth on the sides, and the middle as it was when we left him.

He talked about some of the things he did.  He has pretty much mastered riding his bike.  We are looking forward to seeing how well he has done.

It took about five minutes to clip it close to the same length.  He had a quick bath and went off to bed.

It is very unlikely we’ll see him at his usual 6:00.

Mohawk update

August 2, 2012

Tate just got home.

Wow, it was short!!

To the wood!!

To make things right, it just got buzzed down to a #1 with clippers.  It still shows up.  For a few days.

Family differences

July 28, 2012

As a parent, you have to wonder about sending a child off to camp.  Especially a younger one.

Usually, you have less to wonder about with family.



July 24, 2012

We have tentatively planned a camping trip with Sandra’s sister and her family for quite a while.

The exact departure date has been put on hold over the last couple of weeks, as our niece has been in Sick Kids Hospital since a week ago Friday.


Mid summer busyness

July 21, 2012

Our niece has been in Sick Kids hospital in Toronto for the past week.

Her mom has been going to see her every day, which has thrown their family’s schedule off.  Their three youngest kids have spent quite a bit of time at our house this week.


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