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Cross cultural experience – at home

June 9, 2014

We have had a foster child, J,  with us since September.

It was a bit bumpy at first, but he settled in after a couple of weeks.

He comes from a Vietnamese background, and attends a Roman Catholic mass in Vietnamese.

We had arranged to take him a couple of weeks ago, but it didn’t work out.

There has been a bit of a shift with access visits over the summer.  The agency will still be supervising two visits per month.  We will be supervising visits at soccer.

We will also be taking him to attend the Vietnamese mass about once per month, as our schedule permits.

Sunday was the first day I took him.

It was definitely a different experience.

We attend an evangelical Protestant church, where the dress is quite relaxed.  I haven’t wore a suit to church in a very long time.

I felt very underdressed, compared to most of the adults there.

It was also a long service, close to two hours, as they were celebrating the ordination of a new deacon.

It was something different to sit through a church service conducted in a different language.

It was also different to attend a mass.

J loved seeing his family.  It was good for everyone to see each other.

After church. we went for supper with J’s mom and grandma.

It is good to see how other Christian denominations conduct their worship service.  It can also be part of fostering.

It was been over eight years since I did that, and we flew to Africa to do that.


Baptism Sunday

June 24, 2012

This morning at church we had a baptism service.  In our denomination, we practice believer’s baptism.  We dedicate babies.  Baptism is a choice made by each individual, and can be made by children or adults.

Today, there were 11 baptized – 7 children and youth and 1 adult in the first service, and 1 youth and 2 adults in the second service.


Church developments

October 18, 2011

After a long search, our church has announced the new candidate for our lead pastor.
Our previous senior pastor passed away in May 2010 after a battle with cancer that lasted more than 12 years.
The candidate is Rob Gulliver, and we are looking forward to hearing the vision that God has revealed to him for our church going into the future..

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