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More developments with Reid

December 8, 2011

It was kind of frustrating when Reid was stuck at the typical 12 month or so stage for about six months, with whacking and banging being his main forms of play.

He kind of broke through about 2 or 3 months ago, when he started to walk around.  He still continues to climb. EVERYTHING.

Last night I was giving him a bath.  Lots of splashing, as usual.  Throwing water out of the tub, taking away anything he could use to throw water out.

Then, I noticed he had the lid loose, or off, about 3 bottles of baby shampoo, baby wash, and baby aromatherapy bath stuff!!!!!!!  What on earth?

I didn’t realize that he had developed the skill to turn off small lids, about an inch in diameter.  They aren’t too hard, but I didn’t realize he had the dexterity.  Good, but bad, all at the same time.



Another year almost under the bridge!!!

December 31, 2010

Where has it gone? It’s hard to believe in a few short days I go back to work after eight months off at home.
It has been nice to be home, but really busy. It is amazing how much energy a little person takes, especially when they start moving, then crawling, then climbing, then……
In the last couple of days, Braydon has been starting to climb up on things. It is funny how wanting to get something we don’t want kids to have, but they want to get, is a huge incentive to start pulling up. He is getting up on all fours, not real stable, but getting there.
Before we know it, we’ll be chasing two kids around.
It’s a great adventure. Exhausting, but wouldn’t give it up.

Climbing and moving around

December 11, 2010

Braydon is really acting like quite a little stinker.

He is getting around quite well.  He has been starting to get up on all fours.  I tried to get a picture yesterday, but I was just too slow, and he was on his back kicking away playing with whatever toy he had.

He has been pulling himself up on tables and toyboxes.  Next thing we know, he’ll be running laps around us.

Actually, if he starts getting around more, it will be nice, as we won’t have to carry him so much.  He gets to be really heavy quite quickly.

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