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Longer term

September 8, 2013

We received a call on Thursday about taking a new foster child on Friday.

We decided to go ahead.

Friday was a long evening, as he was missing his grandmother quite a bit.

Over the last couple days, things have improved quite a bit.  He has been talking to all of us quite a bit.

It has eased the tension a bit as he has talked more, and is beginning to trust us.

He still has many questions, which we will defer to the social workers.  Hopefully they will be able to give him the answers he is looking for to work through the process.

All we can do is provide support and love through this time.




Another foster experience

August 5, 2013

We provided respite care for another foster child for just over a week.  He went back to his foster family last Sunday night.

It went relatively well.

We went to Canada’s Wonderland one day.

We went to the local waterpark several times.  They have an indoor playground, which we used much more, as the weather has been cool.

He could be a picky issue on occasion.  If he liked what was put in front of him, it was gone in no time.  He took an hour to eat a bowl of cereal once, while our two had two or three bowls, fruit, and yogurt.

Bathroom routines were a bit of an issue.   Control seems to be a major issue in these cases.  Not a pleasant surprise, to be sure.

When all was said and done, it went pretty well.

Another Foster Experience

June 30, 2013

We got a call a couple of days about a potential respite placement for two days for a four year old boy.

We said sure.

There have been moments. Nothing major. A couple of craptastic moments that were quite stinky.

Reid, at three and a half, a year younger, is a couple of inches taller.

This probably sound horrible, but
There is nothing like having other kids around to remind you much you like your kids are compared to others.

Family hooked on providing foster care

October 24, 2012

This is foster aprent appreciate week.  In recognition of this, our local daily newspaper published a story profiling a local foster family, friends of ours.

The story gives a high level overview of the journey it took to take their family to Zambia for a year.

Here is the link: therecord.

Hot weather and end of foster placement

July 17, 2012

The last few days in southern Ontario have been hotter than stupid.

I have heard that there are some places, like Arizona and Texas, where it gets above 100 degrees for days, or weeks.


Two weeks into second placement

July 2, 2012

It’s been a busy week.

The best of times and the worst of times, to rip off classic literature.  Many times, the best and worst are separated by minutes.


TheRecord – Crown wards voice fears over losing support too soon

June 10, 2012

TheRecord – Crown wards voice fears over losing support too soon.

Here’s an article worth reading, published in the Waterloo Region Record on Saturday, June 9.

It is about foster children who have managed to work their way through the system, and attend post-secondary education.

When they reach the age of 21, they are cut off. Period.

Most young adults working their way through post-secondary education have family to fall back on to help them through tough times, holidays, and so on.

These young adults are left to struggle on their own.  Some are fortunate to have had excellent workers, who keep in contact with them after they age out.  This type of worker treats their career as a calling, rather than a job.  A huge shout out to those workers!!

The transition

December 15, 2011

After last night’s phone call, Sandra got a call back from the worker.  It is not quite as quick  a transition with P going back to G as we thought.

They want to make sure that things are going well, and there is a solid plan in place for him to go back to a stable place.

He is gone with her tonight, and come back tomorrow night.  We will drop him off again on Friday for a couple of days, and pick him up again on Sunday.

Still, it is nice that it is quiet tonight.

The transition should be complete within a couple of weeks.

Foster #1 done?

December 14, 2011

Last night, P’s G called.

She asked if we had talked to our worker that day.  I really didn’t know, and Sandra was out.  I asked her to call back later.

She spoke to P and it went OK.

Later on, Sandra and G made arrangements to drop off P at her current residence.

Sandra said that if she took him back, we would be able to possibly take him for relief, but it would be dependent on us being available.  That is possible, but not likely, as there is lots on the go over the next two months.

After Christmas, we are going away for a weekend.  A couple weeks after that is Reid’s birthday.  A month after that is Tate’s birthday.

After that, we’ll see about taking another one.

Before we hand P off though, Sandra will talk to the worker and make sure it is OK.  She is ready for the break.

Busy week with the family

December 5, 2011

This past week has been a busy one.

Last Sunday, Tate had hockey practice at 11:00.  I took him to church, and left at about 10:20.  We got to the arena and on the ice by 11:00, which was a significant feat, considering it was about a 20 minute drive.

Sandra woke up feeling dizzy, and it passed fairly quickly.  About 2:00, she started feeling dizzy again, and it lasted all day.  Monday morning, she woke up not feeling any better.  We got an appointment to see the doctor around lunch.  He gave a diagnosis of BPPV, which is form of vertigo aggravated by moving.  It may last up to 30 days.  He gave her a prescription as well.

Tuesday was no better.  The combined results of dealing with the kids, lousy weather, and so on, wore me down as well.  Sandra slept for several hours.

On Wednesday, she felt much better.

Thursday was not real great.  We had an appointment with a physiotherapist, which we had been waiting for months for.  We attended, and I went off to work.  Sandra ended up walking to and from school to pick up Tate.   The day did not end really well.

On Friday, I was going to a different place for work.  I had made arrangements to drop Tate off with a friend from school to walk him to school.  By lunch, Sandra still was not feeling well.  She managed to go to school and get Tate, and was not feeling well.

Tate had a 7:15 hockey game on Saturday.  We ended up getting a babysitter to stay with P and Reid.

P had a visit that morning. We had the adoption Christmas party mentioned in another post.

Today has been a better day, from the perspective of Sandra feeling better.

Lots of screaming, yelling, and complaining.  From two of three, by the end of the day.

Sandra felt good for the day.  We then

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