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Cross cultural experience – at home

June 9, 2014

We have had a foster child, J,  with us since September.

It was a bit bumpy at first, but he settled in after a couple of weeks.

He comes from a Vietnamese background, and attends a Roman Catholic mass in Vietnamese.

We had arranged to take him a couple of weeks ago, but it didn’t work out.

There has been a bit of a shift with access visits over the summer.  The agency will still be supervising two visits per month.  We will be supervising visits at soccer.

We will also be taking him to attend the Vietnamese mass about once per month, as our schedule permits.

Sunday was the first day I took him.

It was definitely a different experience.

We attend an evangelical Protestant church, where the dress is quite relaxed.  I haven’t wore a suit to church in a very long time.

I felt very underdressed, compared to most of the adults there.

It was also a long service, close to two hours, as they were celebrating the ordination of a new deacon.

It was something different to sit through a church service conducted in a different language.

It was also different to attend a mass.

J loved seeing his family.  It was good for everyone to see each other.

After church. we went for supper with J’s mom and grandma.

It is good to see how other Christian denominations conduct their worship service.  It can also be part of fostering.

It was been over eight years since I did that, and we flew to Africa to do that.


Blogging about life

September 13, 2012

I have been writing about a few different things over the past few months.

Recently, I have written mostly about life with our kids.  I have written a little about fostering.  I have posted a few links for parenting tips, calls to mentoring, special needs, and so on.


Three weeks into second placement

July 12, 2012

There seems to be a bit less friction lately.

We went to a birthday party for my nephew on Sunday, and had fun.  It was nice to have other kids to play with.


A week into placement #2

June 27, 2012

Well, the honeymoon is definitely over.  In fact, after a couple of days.

Tate and S got along really well for a couple of days, then more friction.


Fostering placement #2

June 18, 2012

After a couple of possible concerns, our second placement started today.  The concerns arose from the fact that our foster child, S, is from a Muslim family.

It will be a bit of an adjustment for food, as we have to be careful about avoiding pork for the next month.


Fostering Assignment

June 14, 2012

We found out that the possible fostering assignment I mentioned yesterday is going ahead.

A five year old will be coming to our home for about a month, starting on Monday.  He will be coming by with his foster mother on Saturday afternoon for a visit.

This will be a bit of a different situation, as this boy is a Muslim,  as he does not eat pork.  That will be a bit different, as we have to watch our for pork products in ingredients on packages.

Mid week musings

June 13, 2012

It’s been an odd week, of sorts.

On Sunday at church, we had a guest speaker, who was the pastor the church I attended over 20 years ago.  It was good to hear him again.

On Monday, I picked up my work computer after an upgrade to Windows 7.  Very leading edge.  At least we skipped Vista.  I heard nothing good about it.  There have been a number of adjustments about getting used to 7 vs. XP.  The biggest challenges are getting used to office 2010 compared to 2003.  Microsoft shook everything up and moved it around.  Never a good thing.  I’m definitely glad that I use a Mac for most of my stuff, even though I write this on a Windows machine. (more…)

Return to foster wait list

March 22, 2012

After a three month break, our family worker is coming by for a visit.

One result of this should be to get us on the list to provide a temporary home to a foster child.  A placement can range from days, weeks, months, to even years.  We are in the category of foster parents that would most likely provide a home for up to a few months.

Take a Leap of Faith (Leap Day – Part 2)

February 29, 2012

This has been an interesting day.

The school buses in our area were cancelled due to a freezing rain warning.  It actually wasn’t a horrible call, because the weather was pretty nasty.  I’m not sure it actually turned into freezing rain, but it was really cold and windy.  Mind you, it is still February, but this has certainly not been a typical winter.

The leap of faith I took today was to contact a fellow blogger who is working through the frustration of waiting for adoption to happen.  To read the perspective of someone at a different place in the journey, check out  Make Your Own Awesome, by The Lovely Laura.

I have been following another blogger, Instant Mama, who has been writing about her experience as a foster mother of six children (yes, that is correct six), and how it has changed her life.  Her stories have been heart rending recently.  Spoiler alert:  Don’t start with the current posts.  Go back to the beginning.

Back to the point about the leap.

Reach out and encourage those around you, even those you may not know.  You never know what a small gesture on your part may mean to someone having an absolutely horrible day.

Fostering assignment #1 – complete

December 21, 2011

We dropped P off with his G this morning.

It was a time of mixed feelings.  We will miss him, but are relieved at the same time.

It is great that he is going back to someone who loves him, misses him, and wants the best for him.  The housing situation is not necessarily the best, but is better than when he first came into care.

Tate actually wrote a really nice note for him.  It was a pleasant surprise, considering that there has been a fair bit of friction between them at times. Tate likes things to go his own way, and can be quite bossy, and doesn’t back down.  He spends lots of time on time out for that.

At the end of the day, it is a relief as we head into Christmas that we are back to the members of our own family.

The last month has been challenging, as Sandra got vertigo at the end of November.  It looked like things were turning around, but went bad again last Saturday.  She felt a bit dizzy, and was OK with medication.  On Sunday, she felt a bit better, but still had some dizziness.

On Monday, she woke up not doing well.  We made arrangements for another parent from school to drop Tate off.  Sandra made an appointment to get into the physiotherapist again.  She actually received two treatments, it was so bad.

After the Epley treatment, another night sleeping in the chair.  No bending, lifting, looking down, quick movements.  Another day off work.

Things seem to be better tonight.  We’ll see how things go.

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