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After meeting with birth mother

July 16, 2011

We met Reid’s birth mother and her boyfriend at a park downtown tonight.  We picked that location because it was far enough from our home, but close enough for her that we could still have some anonymity.

She lives in our city, and not really far from us.  There is a real possibility that we could run into her in the area, especially in the mall close to our home.

The visit went really well.  She was really glad to see him.  She interacted well with him.  We had good conversation with them.

We really have no concerns with meeting her.  She really is not malicious, she just was not able to parent a child.

When it was left, she was sad to see him go.  We definitely will maintain contact, mostly by e-mail.

The agency hosts a Christmas party for open adoptions.  We’ll see if she shows up.

We explained to Tate that we were seeing Reid’s birth mother.  He asked some questions, and asked if he could see a picture of his birth mother.  Hopefully there will be more information available as he gets older.


Meeting with worker

April 22, 2011

We met with our adoption worker today. At this point, things are a formality.

We discussed the process and set a date to go and sign the paperwork to go off to the government for approval.

After that, it goes to a judge for an adoption order.

The agency is still the legal guardian until the court order us granted, hopefully by the end of the summer.

Meeting with adoption worker

April 16, 2011

We have a meeting next week with our adoption worker. At this meeting, we will go over information for our adoption application. We have a bit more information to put together, but it is almost done.

After that, we sign adoption paperwork, and it is off to the ministry for approval. After that, it is off to a judge for approval. We should have it all done by the end of the summer.

Settlement meeting

March 5, 2011

Our meeting today went well.

BM’s lawyer was not there, so it was a bit more informal than it might have been.

Her new boyfriend was there to provide some support.

Before the meeting, Braydon had a visit with BM. The visit went well, and he played with them for about an hour. He got a couple of new toys as Christmas presents. The last visit before today was December 20.

Before the meeting, we talked with the adoption worker about what we thought openness would look like. We thought a couple of visits per year, including an Agency hosted Christmas party for adoptive families.

When we were talking with her, we talked about visits in the future.

The adoption worker emphasized several times that BM would have to keep her up to date with her location. She is not a stranger, as she has been involved with her other children.

The Agency hosts a Christmas party for families who have adopted over the years. It is an easy forum to meet once a year. If she does not keep up contact, she will lose out on being invited to the Christmas party and other visits. At this point, no one will be chasing her for visits, as has been the case to date. Up until now, the visits have all been court mandated.

We talked about setting up an e-mail that we would use only for exchanging information and setting up meetings. We agreed to provide pictures and updates. She will write a letter and send pictures as well.

BM didn’t really know what to ask for in the way of openness, because she does not have that with the other children. The circumstance of those situations have been different. Braydon is a very easy going child.

His next older sibling did not have visits for a while, and was upset for a day and a half once visits resumed when she was about 11 months old. The process dragged on and on, and the other family was not as comfortable. We have seen her several times at visits, and have an OK relationship with her. We have provided pictures on a number of occasions, which is something she has not had.

This young lady has arrived at this point in her life through a series of unfortunate circumstances. She has been through the system herself, and was not served well by it. It is truly sad that she has had to give up a child for us to expand our family. She does not mean any harm, and is not dangerous. She does fine caring for herself, but has limited ability to care for a child.

We promised that we would take care of him and give him lots of opportunities. She has seen over the last year that we love him and are taking good care of him.

We still have to wait for court on the 22nd of March. There should be no reason why things won’t go through, but we really don’t know until court is over.


March 4, 2011

Apparently it is a go. We’ll know got sure in 12 hours.

It will be nice to have some final resolution.

Meeting on Friday

March 3, 2011

At this point, we are still expecting to meet on Friday morning to discuss openness and possible consent.

I truly hope this will happen, but based on visits since October (even August), I am not certain if will.

I am not looking forward to rearranging our schedule only to have this fall through.

Meeting postponed again

February 15, 2011

It seems like things keep going on and on.

We received an e-mail from the worker that deals with court that BM was sick and did not attend court on Tuesday.  The meeting scheduled for this Friday is likely off.

The visit for this week is off for sure.


Someone commented a few months back that they need to give BM a chance to show how committed she was.  This was when she was making 50% of visits scheduled a week apart.  She has not attended a visit since before Christmas.

The adoption worker commented that she loves her kids, and all she wants to see is that they are loved and in good families.  It is unfortunate that she is not able to parent, but truly, the best place for her kids is with families are able to care for them.


February 12, 2011

We received an email that the meeting we thought was on Friday actually wasn’t. After a couple of phone calls, we have a tentative meeting for next Friday.

The merry go round continues. The end is close, just not as close as we thought.

The beginning of the end?

February 10, 2011

We received an e-mail from our adoption worker today that BM and her lawyer would like to meet with us on Friday afternoon to discuss a potential consent agreement, if we can agree on some openness.

Talk about leaving it until almost the last minute.  There is a settlement conference next week to try and resolve the case before it goes to trial.

The worker suggested that we are willing to send pictures, and possibly meet two or three times a year.  Every year, the agency hosts a Christmas party for open adoptions, that could be one time.  We could also meet in the summer.

Given past reliability, that shouldn’t be a major imposition.

We will have to see what happens at the end of the meeting on Friday.

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