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Not all days are as horrible as it seems

April 12, 2016

There are some days it feels like everyone is link get up to take one more kick, punch, stab, or whatever else. These days are just draining. 

I took the boys to buy a birthday card. Tate wrote his name, as usual. Then Reid wrote his name. I was surpriseded. There have been a few significant things happening recently. Progress happens step by step. 

I happened to hear a song on the radio recently that spok to me in the midst of challfesges. It was I will trust in You – Lauren Daigle

No matter what’s going on, we have tip trust in God to work things out. 


Progress this year

December 31, 2011

I have been just spending a few minutes with Reid.

He is one determined little monkey.  I have taken him down from the old computer about five times in the last ten minutes.  Sometimes, it goes OK.  Other times, it is a full on rage fest.  It is amazing how much strength a little person can have when they are angry.

He climbs everything.  He opens doors.  He has climbed out of his crib a few times.  Not even yet two. Finally walking.  Expanding vocabulary, some of it sign language.  He has unbelievable hearing. The other day, I tried to sneak out for a quick errand.  He freaked out when I left through the garage.

He has absolutely no fear.  Just before I finished this, he was standing on a toy trying to get into a room, and fell down.  He cracked his lip, but a freezie made things all better.

It is amazing what a difference there is in the year between 1 and 2.

Tate has progressed as well.

He is continuing to read at an advanced level.

He played soccer this summer, and is playing pre-tyke hockey (a year young) this year.

It’s hard to believe how much has happened this year.

It is exciting to see what adventurers our family will see in 2012.


December 24, 2009

Nothing new to report.

Lots of best wishes received from facebook post.

When the baby is available to be picked up from the hospital, we will get a call.

Until then, there probably won’t be much more information.

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