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Soccer fest!!!

July 14, 2012

Today is the final tournament for Tate’s soccer.  Go Wookies!!

There are three 45 minute games, starting at 8:45 for him, and every 45 minutes after that.



July weekend

July 7, 2012

The weather has been quite hot and humid for a few days in our area.

The humidex has been in the high 30’s, or around 100.



May 25, 2012

Another week has completed.

It’s been a busy week with several appointments.  Reid is going to see lots of different practitioners in the next few months, likely resulting in getting orthotics in the fall to help strengthen his feet.  Not fun.  In the long run, it will serve him well.

Tate’s first soccer game of the season is in the morning.  The weather is supposed to be nice.

We are planning on doing a fundraising walk on Sunday, but there is a chance of rain.  If so, not all of us will go.  We’ll know on Sunday.


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