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December 13, 2014

Some days of full of good things and bad things.

Today was one with a significant highlight.

Reid is in his second season in a special hockey program.  One of our main goals has been for him to learn to be able to skate independently.  He was getting close at the end of last year.  It took him a while to get back up to speed this year.  He has been getting close.  The coaches have ben working to be get up by leaning on his hockey stick, or his leg to get up.

I was watching him play on the ice, like he usually does.  Then, I saw him get up and skate about five or six steps.  I was completely stunned.  I was pleased to see all the work he has been doing pay off.


Special hockey game

October 26, 2013

The Ice Pirates played their first game of the season today.

Reid has been looking forward to hockey all week.

We weren’t sure exactly what to expect.

There were kids and helpers all over the ice.  Some were skating on their own, others had their helper with them.  (At Reid’s level, there is one helper per child.)

It was organized chaos.  I think every child had a chance to score a goal, with as much assistance as necessary.

It was lots of fun.


Really busy days

October 5, 2013

There are times when it rains, it pours.

Today was a busy day for us.

Tate had another round of hockey today at 11:00.

Reid had his first trial on the ice in the Ice Pirates program at 12:15.

I took him into change room about half an hour early.  I got all his gear on fairly quickly.

After his skates were on, he took a few steps around.  They were pretty hesitant, but he did pretty well his second time on skates.  We tried once last year, and it did not go really well.

The time on the ice went well.  He spent a bit of time trying to walk and skate.  Much of the time, he was being pushed around on a device early skaters use to hold them up.

When it came time for him to come off the ice, he was not happy.  We weren’t sure if he liked it or not.  He was helping to take the stuff off, which was unusual.

We won’t really know for certain until we take him back next week and start to put the gear on.

After Reid had a much needed nap, we went on to our next activity.

We had been trying to get together with Reid’s birth mother since the summer.  We had made a couple of appointments, which hadn’t worked out.

We agreed to get together this afternoon at Chuck E Cheese.  It was OK, but it seemed like a really long time.  It is a really busy place on Saturday afternoon, and there are tons and tons of kids.  Quite loud.  By the time we left, we were definitely ready to go.

At the end of it all, it was a good day.

First day on the ice.

Another meeting with Reid’s birth mother.

And it all went well.

Special Hockey

October 1, 2013

There are many programs to integrate kids with special needs.

One program that received a great deal of local attention this past year was the Special Hockey International Tournament, or the SHI tournament.  Sometimes potential acronyms are not fully considered.  But that’s a side point.

Teams from around Ontario, the US, and some from Europe landed in Kitchener and played games.  Fund was had by all.

The point of special hockey is to allow children and adults with special need the chance to play hockey.   The hockey is all about fun, not competition.

The local group, the Ice Pirates, is affiliated our minor hockey association and keeps fees low.  They will work with those of all abilities.  They start with those that have never skated, and work with them until they are adults.   They will take them as young as 3 or 4.

Friends have had their son in the Ice Pirates Program for a number of years.  They speak highly of the program.

We are going to give it a shot with Reid.  He won’t be four until January, but is itching to play.  Tate is getting into his season.

Reid has been saying “Hotey? Me?” (“Hockey? Me?)  He has been shooting a ball around with a mini stick for a while.

We will have to see how it goes, as he has been on the ice once before., about a year ago.

Who knows, we may have the next Sidney Crosby or Wayne Gretzky on our hands.  Actually, Reid is more likely to be an enforcer than a high scoring forward.

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