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February 23, 2011

I found out that small steps forward were taken yesterday in court.

BM’s lawyer wanted to change a few things in the consent agreement. Apparently there were some concerns about access with other biological children. BM thought this was promised, and isn’t happening. Since this experience is very similar to the experience with the last family, it is very easy to imagine that they have no interest because of the difficulties they experienced.

We have committed to access a couple of times a year, we’ll see how it goes.

They want to meet with us, and BM wants to have some access again. There will be a couple of visits, likely no more than an hour.

The meeting is scheduled for March 4, barring any conflicts or last minute cancellations.

Court is adjourned until March 22. The sitting judge wanted the case to come back before her, and that is when she is on the bench again.

The end is coming. Not very quickly, but it is coming.


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