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Reflections on the summer

September 7, 2014

The summer of 2014 was an unusual one, in many respects.

After a long, extremely cold winter, the weather gurus were calling for a hot summer.  They missed the boat.  There was one day that hit 30 degrees Celcius in June.  July and August were cooler and wetter than normal.

The days have slipped away.  And they are becoming shorter.  Last night, it was pretty dark by 8:30.  When it is cloudy, it can be very dark by 8:00.  The same thing has happened in the mornings.  Before long, it will be going to work and coming home in the dark.

It was a short summer, as school went untll almost the end of June, and school started in our area on September 2.

The last few days of August were nice and hot.

For the past several years, we have had passes to a local water park and Canada’s Wonderland.  We didn’t get to either one as much as we have in prior years.  LIfe has been busy this year, for a number of reasons.

We have had a foster child for just over a year, and he has been attending camps, activities, and visits with his family.

Reid has transitioned to kindergarten.  He has a modified day, as he gets picked up about halfway through the day.  He needs his sleep, and that helps him (and us).

Tate has moved into third grade in French immersion.  His teacher is impressed with him and his insights.

Activities will ramp up over the next few weeks.  This weekend has been quiet.  Hockey starts again in a couple of weeks. 

September brings a return to routine, and an opportunity to think about what things we like in our lives, and what behaviours and attitudes maybe should change.  In many ways, it is a more appropriate time for resolutions for change than January is.

It is important to be busy.  However, it is more important not to be too busy.  We need to leave margins, or space around the edges of our lives, so that we have room for things that come up, or go wrong.

Think about it ….. how often does an opportunity come up for something that we have to decline because we are too busy?


The transition

December 15, 2011

After last night’s phone call, Sandra got a call back from the worker.  It is not quite as quick  a transition with P going back to G as we thought.

They want to make sure that things are going well, and there is a solid plan in place for him to go back to a stable place.

He is gone with her tonight, and come back tomorrow night.  We will drop him off again on Friday for a couple of days, and pick him up again on Sunday.

Still, it is nice that it is quiet tonight.

The transition should be complete within a couple of weeks.

Foster #1 done?

December 14, 2011

Last night, P’s G called.

She asked if we had talked to our worker that day.  I really didn’t know, and Sandra was out.  I asked her to call back later.

She spoke to P and it went OK.

Later on, Sandra and G made arrangements to drop off P at her current residence.

Sandra said that if she took him back, we would be able to possibly take him for relief, but it would be dependent on us being available.  That is possible, but not likely, as there is lots on the go over the next two months.

After Christmas, we are going away for a weekend.  A couple weeks after that is Reid’s birthday.  A month after that is Tate’s birthday.

After that, we’ll see about taking another one.

Before we hand P off though, Sandra will talk to the worker and make sure it is OK.  She is ready for the break.

Counting down to Christmas

December 13, 2011

Last week, we picked up P from a visit with his G.  She said in five more sleeps he would be going with her.  This was a bit of a surprise development.  We didn’t have a chance to talk with her, as we were leaving shortly.  P was going for the weekend with another foster family.  We didn’t get a chance to get any more details.

She called and talked on Sunday night, no more new information.

Sandra talked to a worker on Monday.  She mentioned that it seems unlikely that he will be moving by Christmas.  A transition is unlikely to happen over a couple of days, more likely over a month, with visits for a couple of days and extending for longer periods of time.

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