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Interesting day

July 21, 2014

We had a fairly quiet week last week.

That was not the way this week started.

About 12:30, we heard the smoke detector go off.  I got up and tried to use a button to silence it.  After a couple of attempts, it also started saying that there was carbon monoxide.  After double checking the house, I went outside and took a look to make sure nothing was going on.

I called the fire department, and they came out.

We got everyone out and hid out in the van.  Reid was excited, as he is enthralled by fire trucks.

There was no carbon monoxide and no smoke.

In the morning, we saw a dump truck in front of the house.  A few minutes later, another truck showed up.  A backhoe showed up a couple of minutes later.

What do little boys like more than fire trucks?  Construction equipment!!  And in action!!

They dug out a couple of sidewalk slabs to be replaced.

After they were done, the worker asked if we would like his picture taken in the truck.  How could we resist?

It made his week.

And kudos to the city worker for going out his way to entertain a child .

We got Reid up for the show.

Hopefully our week is a bit more quiet after all of this excitement.


Work week 2

January 17, 2011

Well, I hope this week is better than last week. I certainly feel much better.

Last Sunday, I felt like a bag of crap. In retrospect, I should probably have called in sick, rather than going in the way I felt.

After 3 days off, things seem to look better. It is sort of nice to be able to ease back into work.

Down for the count

January 13, 2011

After two challenging days at work, and more challenging after work, and a few nights with poor sleep, I decided to call in sick today.

I also went to see the doctor this afternoon.  It turns out, I may have pneumonia.  I went for a chest x-ray and got a prescription for 7 days for a couple of really huge pills.  I should find out by Friday.

On the bright side, he did tell me to stay close to home for a couple of days.  This should help ease the transition back in next week.

Into the new year

January 3, 2011

Another visit was scheduled for today.

We hadn’t heard by 9:30 what was up, so I called and left a message for the worker. She called back around 10:44. Apparently BM had called in on Sunday to find out if they were open today. The worker left a message right after I called and told BM to call back within a hour to confirm the visit. BM hadn’t called in, so the visit was canceled.

This one was a bit tougher to say just a no show, but still.

Next thing, court tomorrow. Another adjournment? Move to trial or summary judgement? We’ll find out.

Meanwhile, last week at home before everyone has an adjustment as I head back to work. Definitely mixed feelings. Routine will be nice, but it will be tough to get up and go to work every day.

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